Chimney Sweeping

Lined Stoves & Small Open Fires – from £60 + VAT
Price is per standard sized flue and opening that is attached to a flue liner and smaller open fires found in many homes. This includes a full sweep carried out to national standards and the issuing of an insurance industry-recognized Certificate.

Unlined Stoves – from £75 + VAT
These are multi fuel stoves and log burners which are typically installed into masonry or clay flues without a liner. It is more labor intensive and therefore more expensive than a standard sweep.

Standard Size Gas Fires – from £60 + VAT
Some gas fire flues can be swept without moving the unit. You can usually tell by looking up the chimney and being able to see a void. However, if you cannot see a void, or the opening to the flue is narrow (long and thin like a letterbox or just with a couple of round holes) this usually means the unit needs to be disconnected before gaining access to the flue. This MUST be carried out by a registered gas engineer before we can carry out a sweep.

Large Opening/Dog Basket Open Fire – from £80 + VAT
These are usually found in large, older properties including stately homes and homes of local, historical interest.

Inglenook Open Fire Sweeping – from £80 + VAT
This will depend on the size of the opening into the room. Usually this means anything over 2m in width.

Stove Servicing and Maintenance

Fire Rope Replacement (single door) – from £35 + VAT
Fire Rope Replacement (double door) – from £45 + VAT
Replacement Items – enquire here

Commercial/Landlord Services

Contract Sweeping – enquire here
Bailey Stoves undertakes regular contract work for local authorities, landlords and licensed premises. As HETAS Approved Sweeps, we are also able to issue Landlord/Agent Safety Records. Please get in touch to discuss your specific requirements.

Tar and Creosote Removal

CreAway – from £250 + VAT
This chemical treatment is applied to flues which have large deposits of tar or creosote. The removal of these deposits is essential because using the flue while in this condition could cause chimney fires. Tar and creosote must also be removed before fitting a liner.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

CO Alarms (supplied & fitted) – from £25 + VAT
If fitted while already at your property. Otherwise, a charge of £40 + VAT would be applicable.